Wray Memorial Museum

The Rev Wray Memorial Museum

The Rev Wray Memorial Museum (formerly the old ACK St Mark’s Church) in Sagalla, Taita Taveta County is over 135 years old. It was built in 1884 as a Church and later converted to a national museum in 2006 after the new Church was constructed.

Located at the current St Mark’s church in Sagalla, the first Inland Church in Taita Taveta that was built in 1901, the museum is a custodian of the heritage of the Sagalla people dated back to 19th century. Among the artifacts and paraphernalia found in the museum are the Wray’s diary, the Sagalla dictionary, remains of Sagalla Caecilian worm.

The Old St. Mark Church measuring 60×40 ft is a unique structure that was built mainly of iron sheets and wood. A new church edifice was constructed and consequently, the old church building was turned into a community museum in 2006.

The Reverend Joseph Wray of Church Missionary Society arrived in Mombasa in 1882 and a year letter traveled to Sagalla where he founded the Sagalla Mission Station in 1883 on this site. This marked the turning point of the Sagalla community from traditionalism to Christianity. In 1884, Bishop Hannington also visited Sagalla and during the same year, the first grass-thatched church and a school in the region were built.

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