Wildlife Safari at Meru National Park

Wildlife Safari at Meru National Park 1

Meru National park is one of the least trampled and unspoiled parks in Kenya. Straddling the equator and bisected by 13 rivers, the park features a verdant rolling swamp, coursing rivers, luxuriant jungle, and gaunt termite cathedrals all under the sky’s great blue bowl. It’s a haven for that truly value the joy of being alone with nature. Inspiring a remote and rugged atmosphere, Meru National Park is home to the Big Five, zebras, gazelles, Oryx’s and some of the rarer antelope, Lesser Kudu as well as over 300 species of birds. Be sure to visit the Rhino sanctuary in the park, the swamp, the Mau Mau Baobab tree that was used as a Kitchen by the Mau Mau freedom fighters and the pool as they are the most iconic places in the park.

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