Wander into the legendary Mau Mau Caves

The Mau Mau Cave was used as a hide-out by Kenyan Freedom Fighters during the Mau Mau Uprising of 1952 to 1960.

Wander into the legendary Mau Mau Caves 1

The legendary Mau Mau caves situated at foothills of Mt. Kenya opens out to the magnificent waterfall and pass through rocks on Burguret River. The epic caves used to be the storage and the hideout zones for the Mau freedom fighters during the Emergency period in 1952 -1960 before Kenya became an independent state.

Today the caves have a variety of attractions such as the indigenous forest full of the Columbus monkey and a variety of birdlife.When you get to the caves, a swaying footbridge over the river takes you to the shallow cave, mostly made up of a large rock overhanging a large sheltered space

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