Walking Safaris at Hell’s Gate National Park

Walking Safaris at Hell's Gate National Park 1

Hell’s Gate is one of the few places in Kenya where you can enjoy walking safaris, and even families with young energetic children can take part in a walk in the wild alongside zebra, eland, gazelle, and giraffe.

Visitors can also hire a bike at the gate of the park and enjoy a ride in the wild. Camping facilities are available at the park so it’s a wonderful place for you to pitch up a tent under the dazzling Kenyan night sky.

On a visit to the park, you can see African buffalo, zebras, elands, hartebeests, Thomson’s gazelles, baboons and over 100 bird species including vultures, Verreaux’s eagles, augur buzzards and swifts. An amazing scenery will surround you thanks to Fischer’s Tower, the Central Tower, and the park’s gorge.

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