Visit rock art centres in Marsabit

Visit rock art centres in Marsabit 1

Marsabit County is Kenya’s biggest county and situated in the arid north along the border with Ethiopia. On its western side are Lake Turkana and the Chalbi Desert – an area with a rich rock art heritage. The art here consists of ancient images and symbols that tell us of different eras when the region, often referred to as the Cradle of Mankind, teamed with wild animals and supported diverse human populations. The majority of the art has been made by hunter-gatherer/Ndorobo people who were forest dwelling people closely related to the Pygmies of eastern Congo. There are three main rock art sites in Marsabit County. Surima located between Loiyangalani and South Horr, Marti located between Loiyangalani and Mt Kulal, and Afgaba located along the northeastern edge of the Chalbi desert.

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