Visit the Nandi Hills & Escarpment

Visit the Nandi Hills & Escarpment 1

A walk in the Nandi Hills beats the odds of exploring the vast stretches of indigenous and exotic forests in Nandi County. An irresistible aroma of green tea is what fills the air if you decide to indulge in the tea farms that form a part of Nandi hills. The Nandi escarpment, however, is about 130 km in length with varying steepness and height. The escarpment is surrounded by other rich attractions like the Nandi Rock, Sarongai, Bonjoge Reserve, and Tagessia hills. If you decide to take an adventure, there are many points to climb up and down through the escarpment. The most mind-blowing activity is to climb from the sugar plantations. The clambering over rocks and squeezing through crevices make every bone in your bone click with excitement.


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