The Mighty Mutunguruni

The Mighty Mutunguruni 1

Among the major attractions in the county is Mutunguruni tree at Ndagani Village which is considered sacred to the Chuka subtribe and as has served as a shrine where community elders go for divine intervention in times of drought or other calamities. The tree which is about 40 meters tall is probably the tallest tree in Kenya, though residents here believe it is the tallest in Africa. The story of the tree is also well known to the residents and has attracted a significant number of visitors over the years. Apart from the tourism and religious functions, the tree also serves as a crucial landmark and is visible from any point of the county and is commonly used as a sign post for navigation in the county. Whereas it is an important landmark, the tree is also home to the world deadliest vipers which have been responsible for many fatalities including many deaths and limb amputation among residents. Some of the largest pythons and other serpents’ species in the county are also found here.

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