The Crying Stone of Ilesi

A 40 meters high rock formation resembling a human figure stands tall in Kakamega just 3km from town along Kisumu highway. Perched on a ridge, the rocks’ feature like "eyes" drips water which is why it’s called (“Ikhonga Murwi”) Crying Stone of Ilesi.

The rocks bears quite a number of stories & fairy tales. One which was strikingly interesting is that once upon a time, there was a war between Luhyas and the Nandis over the boundary of the two communities. Elders say that at one point, the Nandis tried to pull down the stone, which they believed gave the Luyha immense supernatural powers. At the end of that day, more than 100 Nandis died. "The Nandis thought the stone was helping Luhyas to miraculously out-stage them and all of those who attempted to floor it perished.

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