Take a hike at the Cherangany Hills

Discover the hiking paradise with marvelous views of Elgeyo Marakwet.

Take a hike at the Cherangany Hills 1

Cherangany hills is the fourth highest mountain range in Kenya and includes rolling hills as well as dramatic mountain peaks forming the highest, most breathtaking and spectacular escarpments of the Rift Valley

The Cherangany Hills rises to heights of 3500m. The best time to go on a hike is during the dry season when the days are warmer and the views are spectacular. Cherangany hills form one of Kenya’s five main forests and catchment areas. Sengwer the hunting and gathering community of the Kalenjin is the most prominent across this hills.

The hills have five most notable peaks which are almost equal in size. Kameleogon (3581 m), Chebon (3375 m), Chepkotet (3370 m), Karelachgelat (3350 m) and Sodang (3211 m).  Uncover a plethora of hiking opportunities several of which are quite gentle slopes through open farmland and sheltered valleys. Many people consider these intensely farmed and deeply forested hills to be one of the most beautiful corners of the country.

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