Shimoni Caves

Shimoni Caves 1

Shimoni caves are located in Shimoni village, a sleepy fishing village about 75kms south of Mombasa near the Wasini Islands. Shimoni is along the Mombasa-Lungalunga road, in the heart of Digo land. In the late 19thcentury, the Imperial British East Africa Company, the commercial company chartered by the British government to administer her sphere of influence in East Africa had its headquarters in Shimoni. The caves at Shimoni are limestone caves, several in number, once joined together and believed to extend some 5km inland. In Swahili, the word “Shimoni” means “the place of the hole”. Shimoni village derives its name from the presence of caves by the seashore formed by natural forces millions of years back. It is very dark inside the bat-infested caves at Shimoni.


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