Rimoi National Reserve

Established in 1983, Rimoi National Reserve is managed by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS).

Rimoi National Reserve 1

The reserve boasts of dramatic sceneries, large herds of elephant and prolific birdlife. Other small wildlife includes dik-dik, impala, bush pig, warthog, monkeys, civet, genet, and pangolin. Reptiles include Agama and other lizards, tortoise and many snakes.

The reserve is located 40 kilometers from Iten town, the world’s athletics capital.

To access the reserve, one uses the meandering Iten-Kabarnet road that offers spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.

The elephants at the reserve move together in a group of about 100, compared to other elephant herds that move in pairs, or in a group of three or five.

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