Nzambani Rock

Nzambani Rock 1

Nzambani Rock, locally known as Ivia ya Nzambani, is a stone outcrop standing approximately 600 feet (183 meters above the ground). The rock is situated about 8 kilometres from Kitui town along the rough Kitui-Mutitu road at Nzambani market. Nzambani Rock is a major tourist attraction in Kitui county.  A metallic staircase has been constructed for visitors to climb to the top. The staircase is fenced for the sake of children and other people who are afraid of heights. The rock is particularly famous for the myths surrounding it. It is believed that anyone who goes around the rock seven times changes into a member of the opposite sex. This tale has been passed from one generation to another but it is clear that no one has ever tried to go round the rock seven times. There are many other tales as to how the rock came into being.

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