Nyambene National Reserve Conservancy

Nyambene National Reserve Conservancy 1

Nyambene is a lesser know yet wildly incredible National reserve conservancy that occupies 265km2 in Meru county. The Impressive crater inside the conservancy and the diverse range of wildlife – antelopes, zebras, giraffe, elephant, & big cats are the main assets of this site. The circular crater rises 73 M (250 ft.) above the surrounding area. It has an average diameter of 800 M and an average crater depth below the rim of 140 M.

Other attractions at the reserve include the rare Gerenuk antelope, the reticulated giraffe and Grevy’s zebra. Nyambene National Reserve has a healthy population of leopards, cheetahs and lions. The conservancy is also a bird watcher’s paradise hosting hundreds of species of birds. A 10 to 15 feet gulley which has formed provides the only entrance to the crater.

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