Ndere Island National Park

Ndere Island National Park 1

Located 30km away from Kisumu City just off the northern shore of Lake Victoria, this Scenic Island covered in grassland is a divine bird sanctuary. Perfection in the eyes of the bird lover who would delight in over 100 different species available on the cool breezy Island, that includes black headed gonoleks and grey-headed kingfishers. The Island is also home to Hippos, Pythons, monitor lizards and a herd of impalas.

Marvel at one of the Island’s key features that include a mesmerizing view of the Homa Hills to the South, Mageta Hills to the East and the vision of Kampala past the southern horizon.

For short distances to Ndere Island, one can hire a small boat near Kamuga or Asembo fishing villages and also near the mainland. Alternatively, one can organize a motorized canoe which guarantees a wider coverage of Lake Victoria while exploring. This can be arranged from Kisumu City.

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