Mvuvi, Kite House Restaurant

Mvuvi, Kite House Restaurant 1

Luxury in a beautiful setting, the kitchen and living room have all the modern necessities with a gorgeous ocean view. The living room and kitchen are separated from the pool area by a wall of windows that overlooks the turquoise sea. With just a push of a button, these windows disappear effortlessly into the wall so that the marvellous view and access to the pool and hot tub become part of the living area. Guests enjoy complimentary bathroom amenities and the living room area also includes a guest bathroom complete with beach towels. The kitchen is fully stocked with all the modern appliances, dishware, and cutlery for guests as well as for entertaining. Each cabinet is designed to hold, organize, and hide all of your kitchen utensils, leaving a clean, modern design. It includes an island with stools and upon your arrival, a bottle of champagne, fruit basket and floral arrangement will be waiting for you.

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