Mugumo Gardens

Mugumo Gardens 1

The Mugumo Garden is located next to the AP camp in Thika town, about 400 meters down the first turning to the left as one enters Thika town off Garissa Road, on the road aptly named Mugo Kibiro Rd. For history buffs, Mugo wa Kibiru is the 19th century Kikuyu seer and prophet, who among other things accurately foretold the coming of the mzungu and the railway line into Kikuyu land.

As the story goes, a traditional Legend Mugo Wa Kibiro, prophesied the fall of the tree in 1963 symbolizing the end of British Colonialism in Kenya. This day the tree and its environs are protected. Tourists are required to pay a small fee to indulge in this interest.


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