Mt. Kenya National Park

Mt. Kenya National Park 1

Mt. Kenya National Park is situated to the eastern side of the Great Rift Valley, approximately 175 kilometers North-East of the capital Nairobi. The park covers a total area of 2800, and it is found on the Eastern side of the Rift Valley. The Pristine wilderness, beautiful glacier peaks, lakes, forest, tarns, mineral springs, geological variety, endangered species of animals, exceptional montane plus alpine vegetation, a game  adapted to high altitude as well as plant species endemic to this area are among the things that make Mt. Kenya a perfect destination while here. Within the park, you will see animals such as Elephants, Elands, tree hyrax, bushbucks, white-tailed mongoose, waterbuck, suni antelope, mole rat plus the black-fronted duiker. Among the uncommon animals here are; rhinos, leopards, giant forest hogs plus bongo.

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