Mount Kenya National Park

Mount Kenya is the second-highest mountain in Africa after Kilimanjaro and is located about 150 km northeast of Nairobi. Mount Kenya National Park, which was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997, protects the mountain ecosystem. The park was established in 1949 to protect Mount Kenya's natural beauty, wildlife, and the surrounding environment, which serves as an important water catchment area for Kenya.

It's an extinct volcano with diverse flora, beginning with forest on the lower slopes and rising through bamboo forest, montane heath, and Afro-alpine moorland to its barren glacial peaks.

The park can be accessed easily on Nanyuki-Isiolo road the Sirimon route or Nyeri-Nanyuki road via Naro Moru route or the Chogoria route on the Embu - Meru road, about 150km north of Nairobi. The Naro Moru Route near Narumoru town is the shortest, easiest, and the most popular path up Mount Kenya, the Chogoria route near Meru is widely regarded to be the most beautiful hiking route up Mount Kenya, and the longest of those in regular use while the Sirimon route is the least used but the best route for encounters with zebra, klipspringer, elephant, eland, and other large mammals. You can also get there by air, via Nanyuki using the Nanyuki Air Strip.

Mount Kenya has three major peaks namely; Batian which is the tallest at a height of 5,199meters, Nelion the second tallest at a height of 5,188 meters, and Lenana the shortest at 4,985 meters. The Lenana peak can be climbed with ease by most while Nelion and Batian peaks require specialist rock-climbing gear to get to the top.

Things to do here

  • Camping

  • Game Drives

  • Hiking

  • Mountain Climbing

  • Photography


  • Managed by Kenya Wildlife Service


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