Menengai Crater

Menengai Crater 1

Menengai Crater is the second largest surviving volcanic crater in the world. Menengai was a place of violent battles between different Maasai clans, fighting over control for pastures of the Rift Valley slopes and Naivasha. The fight ended when the Ilaikipiak Moran were defeated by the Ilpurko Maasai ending up over the edge of the crater.

Today, the crater is one of Kenya’s most intriguing attraction site, with marvelous scenery tied up to the local beliefs about evil spirits roaming the area. This crater is about 8km from the main road and only 10km from Nakuru town. The crater is 2490 m high covering about 90km2. Some local religious believers from across the country visit the crater to pray and fast for several days, saying they feel very close to God when praying in the crater.

It is not unusual to spot various species of birds, several dik-diks, duiker, hyena, baboons, and cats as well. There are also several bands right on the edge selling souvenirs and drinks and a recently opened ecotourism lodge at the top with a bar and kitchen plus toilet facilities.

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