Masjid Riyadha Mosque

Masjid Riyadha Mosque 1

Masjid Riyadha is an important Mosque that dates back 100’s of years and since the 19th Century its importance grew as the ‘religious centre’ for Eastern & Central Africa. As the story goes, Habib Salih a Sharif with family connections to the Hadramaut, Yemen, settled on Lamu in the 1880s, and became a highly respected religious teacher.

Habib Salih had great success gathering students around him, and in 1900 the Riyadha Mosque was built. He introduced Habshi Maulidi, where his students sang verse passages accompanied by tambourines. After his death in 1935 his sons continued the madrassa, which became one of the most prestigious centres for Islamic studies in East Africa.

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