Lewa Conservancy

Lewa Conservancy Laikipia

Lewa Conservancy is nestled at the foothills of Mount Kenya in Meru, Laikipia & Isiolo counties. Set amidst 62,000 acres of sprawling savannah, Lewa is home to a plethora of wildlife including Black & white rhinos, elephants, giraffe, buffalo, antelope, lion, cheetah and leopard. The Wildlife Conservancy boasts some of the most spectacular views in northern Kenya.

With one of the highest wildlife densities in Kenya including 10% and 14% of the country’s black and white rhinos respectively, the Conservancy is also home to the world’s single largest population of Grevy’s zebras. Lewa found recent media attention with stories of a Royal romance and the fairytale engagement that followed.

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