Kraf Memorial Park

Kraf Memorial Park 1

Johannes Ludwig Krapf, a missionary, explorer, and scholar, was born 200 years ago. He was the first to introduce Christianity to Kenya and also informed people in Europe about Africa, her people, languages, geography, and cultures. It is for this reason that the German Embassy has named its office building in Nairobi ‘Dr. Ludwig Krapf House,’ making him the first non-official German ambassador. He was also the first white man to sight Mount Kenya and tell the world about it. Krapf is also remembered as a great linguist who produced the first Swahili dictionary, translating it from Arabic into Roman script. After extensive travel to East Africa, Ethiopia, and other countries, Krapf died in Germany on November 26, 1881, at the age of 71 and this monument, and its beautiful gardens celebrates the huge achievement’ of Kraph.

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