Komarock Shrines

Komarock Shrines 1

In the heart of Ukambani, approximately 2.5km off Kangundo road is a sacred shrine a revered Kamba sacred place since the mists of time. Posted in extreme beauty with a serene surrounding, its superior imposing rocky houses and excellent location makes it stand out in this neighborhood.

Komarock Shrine is a marvelous piece of art, nature’s gift to the locals. The shrine has no fence, guardrails or blockades, making it accessible to all and sundry. Komarock Shrines is an.

Historically, Elders would arrive here to offer sacrifices at the traditional altars (Ithembo). They would pray for the fertility of Kamba land and protection from pestilence. Season after season they sacrificed to the unknown with unshakable faith that their petitions were answered. They believed that a mystic power resided on those Komarock hills. That’s why the place holds so much respect until today.


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