Kiunga Marine National Reserve

Kiunga Marine National Reserve 1

Situated along the Sparkling turquoise waters of Indian Ocean, Kiunga marine reserve encompasses a chain of roughly 50 calcareous offshore islands and coral reefs in the Lamu Archipelago, running parallel to the seashore and end-to-end with Dodori and Boni National Reserves on landfall. Kiunga is the grandiose home to phenomenal reptiles and fish which include Sea Turtles, Leatherback Olive Ridley, Turtles, Lobsters Reef fish, Crabs, Sea urchins, and Seastars. Behind the beach is utterly breathtaking of Coral reefs, Sand dunes, and Kiwayu Island. The 30mile-long stretch of radiant sand is perfect for sunbathing. Other popular activities on Kiunga include Snorkeling, Sunbathing, Windsurfing, Water skiing, and Diving.

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