Kisumu National Museum

Kisumu National Museum 1

Kisumu National Museum is set on a lovely garden setting with laid out paths and elaborate labeled trees that amplify the Museum experience. This establishment was opened to the public in 1980 and it stores and circulates information on Cultural and scientific history mostly in reference to Western Kenya. The Museum is located in Kisumu along the Kisumu-Kericho highway.

The gallery houses detailed displays of rich traditional cultures and activities practiced and passed from one generation to generation throughout time. Dive into this treasured culture displayed in all aspects including; agricultural tools, hunting weaponry, traditional clothing, basketry, and fishing. The Museum features exceptional structures such as the life-size model of a traditional Luo homestead complete with a livestock pen, granary and garden to the 190kg Nile Perch believed to be the biggest caught in Kenya.

The Museum is easily accessible via a bus or matatu among other local means such as boda-boda or taxi.

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