Kalacha Camp

Kalacha Camp 1

Kalacha Camp is situated on the edge of an oasis in the Chalbi Desert between Maikona and North Horr, and 40 miles south of the Ethiopian border. Kalacha Camp sits on the edge of a permanent oasis. The Camp has been funded by the European Union, Farm Africa and the Estate of the late John Sutton, who used this area as a base for his bird shooting safaris. Kalacha Camp has been set up as a community-based project for the Gabbra people of this area, providing them with a further source of income, and is managed by Tropic Air. The Chalbi Desert is a huge area of around 100,000 sq km of virtually flat sandy desert, to the east of Lake Turkana. The reason to visit this incredibly remote palm-lined oasis is to watch the camels come to water and to interact with the fascinating Gabbra tribe’s people.

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