Java Coffee Houses

Java Coffee Houses 1

Chilly evenings hate the sight of hot mugs of coffee. We love hot mugs of coffee:):) Java goes an extra mile and only roasts the finest coffee beans. From breakfast to dinner, Java has got all your needs in mind. Breakfast at Java has slowly become a tradition for many. From the wonderful waffles to the sumptuous pancakes, breakfast at Java is a great way to stir up your senses in the morning. The coffees are brewed to perfection, the teas are carefully selected, the juices are only blended from the freshest ingredients. You can pop into Java along Mama Ngina Street or Koinange Street if you are within the Central Business District. If you are in the outskirts, you can find one at Galleria, Garden City, Yaya Centre, Thika Road Mall; just to mention but a few.

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