Hell’s Gate National Park

Hell’s Gate National Park 1

A few kilometers down South Lake Road is Hell’s Gate National Park. Though small in area – 68 sq km (26 sq miles) – the landscape is impressive, with some spectacular rock formations and steep, fiery basalt cliffs enclosing vast stretches of open grassland.

This is one of the few savannah reserves where you can leave your vehicle and explore on foot. The volcanic pinnacle called Fischer’s Tower, named after an early German explorer marks the entrance to the gorge.

There are a warden’s post and information center about 11km (7 miles) in from the Elsa Gate, where a nature trail leads to Ol Basta, a second volcanic plug.

The clouds of steam emitted from the adjacent ridgetop mark the Olkaria Geothermal Station. Here, there is plenty of wildlife to see: giraffe, impala, hartebeest, zebra and Grant’s and Thomson’s gazelle all graze in the grasslands among the whistling acacia thorn bushes, along with buffalo and the majestic eland

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