Game Viewing & Camping at Rimoi National Reserve

Tucked away in the scenic Elgeyo Marakwet, Rimoi National Game Reserve is home to East and Central Africa’s largest herd of elephants.

Game Viewing & Camping at Rimoi National Reserve 1

Rimoi National Reserve is only 66 km² – but rightly set inside a conservation area 5 times greater. The reserve is ideal for soft drives since the only large mammals you are likely to see is the Elephants that wander around. Other small wildlife includes dik-dik, impala, bush pig, warthog, monkeys, civet, genet, and pangolin. Reptiles include Agama and other lizards, tortoise and many snakes. The reserve is also ideal for bird watchers with weavers, sunbirds, pigeons, honeyguides, hornbills, and turacos particularly prevalent.

Camping is very much allowed within this park. However, visitors should consult with the Kenya Wildlife Service, Kerio View or Sego Safari Lodge to make the necessary arrangements with the campsite and for the provision of supplies all the supplies.

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