Game Viewing at Kora National Park

Game Viewing at Kora National Park 1

Kora National Park, Located 280 km from Nairobi in Tana District of the Kenya Coast region. Kora was gazetted in 1973 as a national reserve and gazetted as a park in 1990. It lies on 1700km2 and is bounded by the Tana River. This park has a wide variety of animals and they include caracals, cheetahs, elephants, genets, hippos, spotted and striped hyenas, leopards, lions, servals, and several types of antelopes. The vegetation in the park is mostly dense woodland and acacia bushland. Since the park was always facing the threat from poachers, measures such as building a bridge across Tana River to link it to Meru National Park as well as a fence around it, have been in place to secure the 1700km.sq. park.


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