Game Drive in Nairobi National Park

Game Drive in Nairobi National Park 1

The most striking thing about Nairobi National Park is the very fact that it exists at all. And not only that, it is located within a capital city. characterized by open plains that slope gently from west to east and rocky ridges that are covered with rich vegetation, the park is home to  Zebras, elands, impalas, and Grant’s and Thomson’s gazelles. Warthogs and ostriches are common on the open plains. The larger game includes Masai giraffes, which browse in the woodland, and a population of 40 black rhinos, sometimes found in the light bush around the forest area. Black rhinos have been particularly successful here because it’s been easier to keep track of and control poachers. In the extreme western border of the park, a low ridge covered by a stand of hardwood trees is home to herds of bushbucks and impalas as well as some of the park’s olive baboons. Impala Point, at the edge of the ridge, makes a good vantage point to scan the plains with binoculars for concentrations of game. A day safari to Nairobi National Park is highly recommended especially if are in a hurry not planning to visit any other town.

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