Dodori National Reserve

Dodori National Reserve 1

Dodori National Reserve is an 877-square kilometer reserve in Lamu County that encompasses a significant woodland and forest area that historically supported large population of lions, elephants, buffaloes and the coastal topi. Established in 1976, the reserve has been recognized globally as an important cultural heritage area and a prized conservation site by International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Conservation International, World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Dodori is named after the river ending in the Indian Ocean at Dodori Creek, a breeding place for dugongs. The vegetation at the reserve consists of mangrove swamp, lowland dry forest, marshy glades and groundwater forest and is bisected by the Dodori River. Dodori Reserve was established to protect an antelope called the Lamu topi, as this area is a major breeding ground.

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