Desert Safari Experience in the Chalbi Desert

Desert Safari Experience in the Chalbi Desert 1

East of the remote Lake Turkana is the Chalbi Desert, a 100,000 square kilometre area (38,610 square miles) that is aptly named in the native language of the Gabra people as “salty and bare.” Like many of the areas in the Northern Frontier, the desert was once part of an extensive lake, as evidenced by the basin that fills with shallow water during heavy rains and fossilized remains of snail shells and fish vertebrae. When you journey into Chalbi Desert, prepare yourself for an eerie landscape edged by rocky lava flows, cracked earth and a sandy mixture of white salt and clay across which your guide carefully drives through. Even in this barren and desolate location, you may see a shadow emerge in the distance, as ostriches, Grevy’s zebras, oryx and other adapted animals are often observed in the desert

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