Chaka Ranch

Located about two and a half hours from Nairobi city, off the Nyeri-Nanyuki highway. Chaka ranch is a perfect getaway for leisure and adventure lovers

Chaka Ranch 1

Chaka ranch is an adventurer’s paradise with the perfect environment for team building, bonding and fun.

The park’s main attraction is the leisure park modeled with a great collection of off-road buggies and quad bikes offering the thrill of karting and riding for people of all ages. It also has an action arena where the team building takes place.

Exciting activities such as tug of war on wet surfaces, paint gunner games, obstacle racing, and rock climbing and bubble soccer are just the beginning of this little fun adventure.

Visitors can also delight in the mouthwatering African delicacies offered here including Nyama choma, roast chicken, Ugali, mukimo and an array of salads. The meals are served in any of the three courts with an eye-catching view of a nearby dam.

The tranquil environment makes accommodation in the luxurious tents worthwhile since they provide the intimate and exclusive environment with neatly manicured lawns and a collection of pine and acacia trees making up the surrounding environment.

The most interesting aspect of the rooms in the ranch is that they do not have television access hence giving visitors the amplest time to interact without any distractions.

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