Bunyore Hills

Bunyore Hills 1

Just five kilometers to the right of Luanda Township on the Kisumu-Busia highway, are magnificent hills that mark the border of Vihiga and Kisumu counties. The hills, which stretch for 30 kilometers, are sacred to locals, who believe that they were the original home of their ancestor, Anyole.  Elders say the hills, which attract hundreds of tourists every year, are sacred since a lot of the community’s history and traditions can be traced to them. It is said that the descendants of Anyole made the hills their home as the caves and forests were good for shelter and hunting, while the rocks were ideal watchtowers in an era of bloody tribal conflicts. Locals say people from all over Luhya land would converge on the hilltops every end of the year to chase away the evil spirits in a nightlong frenzy of drum beating.

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