Bird Watching at Lake Nakuru

Bird Watching at Lake Nakuru 1

You can certainly tell why this Lake and the park surrounding it has been labeled as The Bird Watchers’ Paradise by the Kenya Wildlife Service. The park has a huge variety of bird-life calling the park’s forests, plains, and lake shores home.

Initially, Lake Nakuru was first gazetted as a bird sanctuary in 1960 and but later upgraded to National Park status in June 1968. With a record of 1,496,000 water birds, five globally threatened species have been recorded here, namely Madagascar Pond-Heron, Lesser Flamingo, Pallid Harrier, Greater Spotted Eagle, Grey-crested Helmet-shrike. Today, over 1 million flamingoes in the park turn the shores of Lake Nakuru into a floating pink carpet. If you want to see flamingos avoid coming on the months of March, April, and bits of May.

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