Asumbi Rock

The Asumbi Rock, which is also popularly referred to as Agulu Dhoge Ariyo, translating to ‘pot with two mouths’ is thought to have been the source of water for ‘Ramogi’ – where his family harnessed water, and for which reason, the water from the Asumbi Rock has veritable medicinal value for the communities living around it. Just a short distance from the Asumbi Rock, there are several time-honored traditional huts, said to the former residence of Ramogi’s family.  Callers to Got Ramogi Hill, who make it the Asumbi Rock, would also be interested in exploring the mythical ‘sacred lake’ that locals say existed in the olden days and touring Mwanda Point, which marks the place where Ramogi first entered this Hill, after migrating cross-border from neighboring Uganda.

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