The Ark Lodge

The Ark Lodge 1

Established in in 1969, The Ark Lodge is an upmarket tree hotel, named for its boat-like shape with Noah’s Ark-like design. The lodge has four viewing decks with balconies and lounges to provide superb game viewing from the comfort of the lodge. Sightings of an elephant, rhino, waterbuck, leopard, buffalo, and genet are likely.

The lodge serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner as buffet only. With cozy & clean rooms it’s hard to even wake up but waking up at 5 am to watch the sunrise with animals’ drinking water at the front is an even more blissful experience. The staff is usually very friendly and willing to take up the role of guides to tell visitors which animals were visiting the waterhole.

The Flaw: Sometimes you might end up not seeing any animals especially when it’s raining heavily.

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