Aberdare national park

Naturally, the Aberdares national park is the haven for game driving and bird watching escapades.

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Home to the rare Treetops Lodge in Nyeri, The Aberdare Ranges national park is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after attraction sites in Mount Kenya region. Established in 1950, the initial idea was to protect the Aberdare Mountains and the surrounding wildlife.

The park is located about 100km north of Nairobi and west of Mount Kenya in Kenya’s central highlands, covering well over 766km2 with about 37 miles of primary roads and 246 miles of secondary roads. These roads are more convenient during the less rainy seasons in the months of January to February or June to September.

The Aberdares Park also has two states of the art airstrips for chartered aircrafts at Nyeri and Mweiga next to the Aberdare National Park Headquarters, making its accessibility much easier. Aberdare ranges which are volcanic in nature stands tall inside this beauty of awe and much inspiration.  The Mountains varies from the high moorland at 3000 meters to the peaks of Kinangop at 3906m and Ol Donyo Lesatima at 3999metres.

Naturally, the Aberdares national park is the haven for game driving and bird watching escapades. Being home to the second largest population of black rhinos which are endangered species, this park is has been a marvel to many. It is also a home to over 250 species of birds such as plovers, goshawks, eagles, hawks and sunbirds, animals such as baboons, African lions, Sykes monkeys, black and white Colobus monkeys and leopards.

The park presents the best opportunities for exploring rich attractions and taking wildlife safaris. Other activities include; trout fishing in the ice-cold Guru Karuru and Chania Rivers, viewing of the Lesatima and Kinangop peaks, walking through the moorland across the stunning and diverse landscape, visiting the breathtaking waterfalls, nocturnal animal viewing from the Ark or Treetops Lodges and climbing the Elephant Hills, Twin Hills, and Table Mountains.

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