Vihiga County is home to different communities originating from many different parts of this great nation Kenya. However, the 4 major indigenous Sub-tribes that call Vihiga County home and add to the rich culture of this great County are; Maragoli people, Banyore People, Tiriki People, and the Terik People.

Vihiga County whose headquarters is in Mbale is Located in the Western Region of Kenya. It boarders Nandi to the East, Kisumu County to the South, Siaya County to the West and KAKAMEGA County to the North. It is one of the four Counties in the former Western Province. Vihiga County has five Constituencies; Luanda, Emuhaya, Hamisi, Sabatia, and Vihiga.



  • Baringo prides itself with diverse cultures as it’s home to 4 major indigenous Sub-tribes; Maragoli, Banyore, Tiriki, and the Terik.
  • The major resources for the County are; Forests, Rocks, Gold Mines, and  Rivers.
  • Several of Kenya’s Sevens rugby team hail from Vihiga County the likes of; Injera, Amonde, Kayange, Ayodi, Adema.
  • Maragoli Festival which takes place on 26th Dec in Mbale is the biggest event in the region, centered on showcasing different cultures.
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