Nyamira County is in the former Nyanza Province of Kenya. It was formerly part of Kisii County when Kisii County was a district and is sometimes called North Kisii County. The main cash crops grown are bananas and tea.

There is little that separates Nyamira from Kisii – topographically and culturally – Nyamira of course formerly been a part of the larger Kisii District. While Kisii marches westward up to Rongo where it borders with Migori County, Nyamira marches on eastward from near Kisii Town to Sotik where it borders with Bomet County and northward to Sondu in Kericho County.



  • Nyamira County is home largely to the Abagusii Community also popularly known as the Kisii with their fascinating array of cultures


  • Nyamira is known for its big, unwavering food production that significantly contributes to the national food basket.


  • The traditional religion of the Gusii people consists largely of a cult of dead ancestors and numerous supernatural beings


  • Daily interactions follow strict rules of politeness. These rules are many and complicated and worthwhile to understand why


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