Migori County borders Tanzania and is traversed by 104.6 km of the tarmacked road including Road A1 that links Kenya with Tanzania through Isebania. This is the only road that is bitumen.  The rest of the roads are 1928 kilometres of which a quarter is gravel while the majority are earth roads. The county is served with three airstrips namely Lichota ( Migori Town), Macalder Mines and Kehancha though none of the airstrips has paved runways.

By Road

Travelling from Nairobi to Migori will take you approximately  7 ½ hours through Mai Mahiu – Narok Rd/B3. The 387.6 km road is mostly tarmacked and you will enjoy beautiful sites as you travel to Migori County.

Nairobi to Migori bus services, operated by Easy Coach, depart from Nairobi station which costs $11 – $16 and takes 7 ½ hours.

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