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Here, experience the warm, leisurely nature of the locals (most of the Luo community), together with the sweeping exotic islands spread out toward the vast county. Explore the creative adventures tracing all the way back to monumental archaeological discoveries in the exquisite Rusinga Island with Mary & Louis Leakey, to the compelling traditional legends and fables of the Luo people.

Kisumu City, formally known as Port Florence, was developed during the colonial era to serve as the principal port of Lake Victoria and the heart of all matters trade. This was heavily inspired by the Railway Line reaching Lake Victoria from Mombasa in 1902.The region also practices fishing as a main economic activity among others.


  • Kisumu is the earliest Western terminal of the Uganda Railway from the Indian Ocean to Lake Victoria. There previously existed an overnight passenger service between Kisumu and Nairobi believed to soon be revived due to the vital link the Railway provides to Nairobi and Mombasa for trade products grown in Western Kenya.
  • 4km outside Kisumu along the shores of Lake Victoria is located Dunga Fishing Village, the village hosts the new Kiboko Bay Resort that provides an extensive beautiful view of the lake allowing one to enjoy the mesmerizing equator sunset of 1800 and 1900 throughout the year.
  • Dunga Swamp, a parade of Papyrus along the edge of the lake, is mostly preferred by birdwatchers and is home to uncommon species such as the Papyrus ganolek
  • Kisumu City center is infamous for convoys of bodabodas – which are bicycles used for transport- and Tuk-Tuks – technically motorized 3-seaters.
  • Kisumu City’s Jamia Mosque located along Oloo Street is a majestic age-defying building dating back to the year 1919, affirming the significant Islam community despite majorly a Christianity (Roman Catholic) affiliated community.
  • Rusinga Island, the captivating picturesque island located on the Eastern Corner of Lake Victoria is the burial place of an important Kenyan political figure, Tom Mboya, who was assassinated in 1969 during the fight independence.
  • Rusinga Island is well known through the years due to the presence of fossils discovered on the Island dating to millions of years ago. An important discovery was made by an anthropologist Mary Leakey in 1948 of the skull of a Proconsul Africanus (P. heelbone) said to be 17.5 million years old said to be an ancestor of the chimpanzee now in the Museum of Nairobi. Mary and Louis Leakey celebrated this news with the birth of their third son, Phillip in 1949.
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