How to Get There

  1.        Public Transport: You can get to Kakamega from Nairobi via Nakuru and Kapsabet which is 372.0 kilometers. It is a long drive from Nairobi about 6 hours. There are daily scheduled buses & matatus that travel to Kakamega from Nairobi or Kisumu.
  2.   Self-Driving: If you prefer self-driving, you can be able to explore the beauty of Kakamega more flexibly but to navigate the rough terrains, be sure to use a 4×4 vehicle & ensure that it is in good condition with enough fuel is enough in case you do not get filling stations, and also bring along spare tires, it is advisable not to travel alone in the dark for security reasons

How to Get Around Kakamega

Kakamega county is a perfect neighborhood for exploring with motorbikes with a marketplaces & mini-shop around every turn. Much of the Kakamega town can be walked without trouble but if that’s a problem there are plenty of taxi’s & motorbikes to ride in.

Buses & Matatus – Operated by an independent Saccos, buses and matatus are by far the best way to explore the inner circles of the county. You can take any bus or matatu marked with the (PSV) sign.

Taxi’s – Most available in Kakamega town but can take you to smaller town on request.

Self-drive Car – Driving yourself is also a viable way to get around especially if it’s not your first time in the county.  Rental cars are easy to get especially from Nairobi and Kisumu.

Motorbike – The best way to get around, other than walking, is by motorbikes (also known as boda bodas).

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