Located in the former Western province, Kakamega county offers a pocket-sized package of magnificent stretch of rainforests, hiking opportunities, and bird watching. Covering an area of 3050.3m2 is the second most populated county in Kenya bordering Vihiga county to the south, Bungoma county to the north, Siaya county to the west and Nandi county to the north.

Kakamega county has a fascinating allure attached to it with various tourist attractions sites which adds up to its charm. The county has tropical climates meaning even in the driest of months there is still tracks of rainfall and thus its main economic activities are farming and fishing.


  •  Located in Kakamega county, Kakamega forest is a world-famous equatorial rainforest. It is Kenya’s only tropical rainforest and is said to be Kenya’s last remnant of the ancient Guinea-Congolian rainforest that once spanned the continent.
  •  Kakamega county derives its name from the local dialect. It began when Europeans first visited the area and were offered maize meal known as (obusuma) they tried to copy the eating style for which the tribe was famous for but to the tribe the visitors were more like pinching the obusuma which resulted to the name Kakamega which actually means pinch.
  • Kakamega county is the second most populated county in Kenya from Nairobi, with a population of 1,660,651 people (2009).  


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