Located about 420km from Nairobi, Homabay County occupies an area of 3,183km2 of the Kenyan Landmass. The main economic activity in this county has always been fishing until lately where signs of growth are being indicted, with shopping centers and housing developments sprouting all around the bay area.

Historically, Homabay used to be referred to as Chich Owuno derived from the Onuno’s market until 1925 where the colonialists renamed it Homabay as it was overlooking the Huma Hills in Karachuonyo. Today, the Luo and Abasuba people are the dominant ethnic communities in Homa Bay where the Luo community speaks in Dholuo language and Abasuba speak in Suba language.

With Kendu-Bay & Homa-Bay towns being the largest towns in the county, Homa Bay town is its administrative capital. The county borders Migori to the south, Kisii and Nyamira to the east, and Kericho and Kisumu to the northeast, with a huge chunk bordering Lake Victoria to the north and west. Generally, the temperatures in the region are hot and humid but the afternoon temperatures can sometimes be uncomfortably high. Average annual temperatures are usually recorded range between 25 0C to 28 0C.



  • Barack Hussein Obama Sr., the father to the 44th President of the United States of America was born in Kogelo Village of Homa Bay County. He was a senior governmental economist in Kenya during the post-colonial period and was also the first African foreign student in the University of Hawaii at Manoa in Honolulu where he studied Economics.
  • The intelligent and charming Tom Mboya, hails from Homabay County. He was a very shrewd politician and the Minister of Economic Planning and Development during the Kenyatta regime. He was also first Secretary General of the KANU Party and was widely seen as a possible successor to President Kenyatta until his assassination on 5 July 1969 in Nairobi.
  • Homabay County is home to the famous Ruma National Park which is home to Kenya’s rare roan and oribi antelopes as well as the blue swallow. The park also attracts visitors to its flourishing numbers of wildlife including the Jackson’s hartebeest, Black and White rhinos, Burchell’s zebra, Rothschild’s giraffe, hyena, impala, and velvet monkey.
  • Mfangano and Rusinga islands set in Homabay, offers excellent sights for hiking, fishing, walking safaris and bird watching. Rusinga Island is the home and burial site of the late former cabinet minister, trade unionist, and Pan Africanist Tom Mboya.


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