Busia County is located in Western Kenya. It shares its Western, North and North Eastern border with Uganda and Lake Victoria to the South West. It borders three Counties; Bungoma County and Kakamega County to the East, and Siaya County to the South East.


The County is endowed with vast tracts of arable land, livestock, forests, and water from rivers Malakisi, Malaba, Sio and Nzoia. The main economic activities include agriculture, tourism, fishing along the shores of Lake Victoria, trade and commercial businesses. Agricultural products include livestock, maize, cassava, millet, sweet potatoes, beans, and rice.



  • The two dominant ethnic cultures in Busia are Teso
  • Kakapel National Monument is one of Kenya’s premier rock art sites. It consists mostly of  rock paintings and rock engravings
  • The county comprises of Archaean age, seen almost on every road
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