Taking a trip headed northwest of Kenya towards West Pokot can be quite fulfilling. The beautiful county is endowed with picturesque scenery as it is among the counties along the Great Rift Valley.

The county has a lot of untapped resources, a rich cultural heritage and offers a historical background of Kenya`s history. It remains to be among the few areas in Kenya whereby the communities living in it still live by and uphold their cultures and traditions handed down to them by their ancestors. The major economic activity practiced by the communities here is pastoralism although a little bit of farming is also practiced.


Key highlights of the county.

  • West Pokot has a population of approximately 512,690 and an area covering 8,418.2 km.
  • Kapenguria town is the capital of the county. It is an economic hub and also a historical town.
  • The county is located in near the Kenya-Uganda border. Some towns in West Pokot county like Kacheliba and Lokichar are actually adjacent to Uganda
  • The county is recognized globally by the International Association Athletics Federation (IAAF) for producing long-distance runners who constantly emerge as world champions in the Olympics.
  • The county is characterized by very hot and dry climatic conditions.


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