How to Get There


By Air

You can access Samburu by air from Wilson Airport in Nairobi. Safarilink & Air Kenya operates daily scheduled flights to Samburu and Buffalo Spring airstrips.

Alternatively, Isiolo County located adjacent to Samburu county. You can fly by a charter to the county capital Isiolo airport which is slowly becoming an International Airport.

By Road

Dry climate allows traveling comfortably along the dirt roads in Samburu county. Samburu is accessible from Nairobi by road through Isiolo via Archers Post, along with the Isiolo-Marsabit road. The 350 km road journey usually takes about five hours. The route is serviced by one bus daily in either direction between Maralal and Isiolo.  Also, a new tarmac highway is being built from Isiolo to Ethiopia.

Getting Around Samburu

The public transport system is the most viable & cost-friendly option to explore different parts of the Samburu. Alternatively, hotels and tour operators can also organize your transfers and tours within most regions. Maralal offers some fairly priced nice accommodations, where you can savor some fresh, healthy food. Here, you can comfortably unwind and engage in outdoor activities or just interact with the locals

To get around the parks, at Archer’s Post the entrance to Shaba is at the right side, while the main gate to Samburu, Archer’s Post Gate, is found 5 km on the left. Feasibly it is walkable but very hot, there are safety concerns and you are unlikely to encounter any traffic that will give you a lift. Samburu also has another gate at its western end, but it is seldom used.

Access to Buffalo Springs is either through Samburu or 20 km north of Isiolo, where there is a detour left leading to Isiolo Gate, formerly known as Ngare Mara Gate. Some 10 km ahead, 3.5 km before Archer’s Post, a second detour leads to the Buffalo Springs Gate. Most people visit on an organized safari.


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