Encompassing around 17,944 square kilometers of land in South-Western Kenya, Narok County is one of the most ecologically & culturally diverse regions in Sub-Saharan Africa. With Narok town being its capital headquarters, the county is bordered by Tanzania to its south and Kajiado County to its south-east. The Narok County’s economy is majorly reliant of the county’s rich tourism attraction sites and the diverse cultural resources. Agriculture is also one of their main economic activities with livestock farming contributing heavily to the country’s GDP. Traces of mining especially gold mining in Lolgorianie and Kilimapesa, quarry and sand harvesting are also imminent.


Narok harbors the most popular park in Kenya the Maasai Mara and it is also home to the Great Wildebeest Migration which is considered as one of the “Seven New Wonders of the World” The county has continuously attracted investors in the hospitality industry to set up hotels and camping sites. Hotel transfer services is a very important venture where most have largely invested in tour vans and cabs.

Narok is therefore widely known as the best spot for game drives through Maasai Mara National Reserve, Hot Air Ballooning across the big skies, exploring the huge savannahs of golden grasslands, best views of the Rift Valley escarpment and the Mara River to see its hippos and crocodiles. In addition, the Maasai community in County have been worldly recognized for their strong and adept cultural heritage and exquisite art and jewelry.



  1. Africa’s Greatest Wildlife Reserves and the most popular reserve in Kenya is located in Narok. The Maasai Mara is generally famous for the abundance of the big cats, the Great Wildebeest Migration and the Maasai people.
  2. The Maasai Mara Ecosystem harbors one of the highest lion densities in the world.
  3. David Rudisha “the King” became the first man to retain the 800-meter Olympic title in 52 years. His Father Daniel Rudisha was also a silver medalist in the 4×400 meter relay at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City.
  4. The 2011 World Youth Championships in Athletics gold medalist